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Meta-links to News and Research Sites
Virtual Reference Desk Newslinks, research tools, Google search engine
Ultimate News Links 10,000+ news sites around the world sorted by continent
Newspapers Online International newspapers in English and local languages
American Journalism Review AJR's news and research tools for journalists
ABYZ News Links Newspapers and other news sources, including local dailies, around the world. Downloadable foreign language internet fonts. Links to online translator sites.
Virtual Library International Affairs Resources Over 1400 annotated links on a broad range of international affairs topics.
International Relations Theory Extensive list of links to classical sources, articles and analyses
IR and Foreign Policy Resources IR and FP links, documents and articles
Foreign Policy Forum Foreign policy research tools, treaties, etc.
Chicago Council on Foreign Relations IR related links to universities, institutes, think tanks, U.S. govt., IGOs, media and more
Canadian Institute of International Affairs Canadian, US and int'l govt. sites; Int'l Law, NGOs and academic links
Royal Institute of International Affairs (London) Briefings and commentary on current int'l affairs. Links to media, research institutions, regional organizations and Depts. of Foreign Affairs.
International Relations and Security Network (Zurich) Center for Security Studies and Conflict Research papers on current world affairs--conflicts, elections, summits. Links library.
U.S. Dipl. History Resources Index Vast collection of data and documents re: US foreign policy
Canadian Forces College Spotlight on military news and international affairs, commentary and analysis
Institute for War and Peace Reporting Independent media resource providing information on international conflicts and support for media development in war-torn areas
International Crisis Group Field research and reports about ongoing conflicts used to make recommendations to states' decisionmakers
Arms Sales Monitoring Project Federation of American Scientists data on arms transfers--who is getting for how much?
Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) Searchable by country databases monitor security trends, military expenditures, export control systems and proliferation of chemical and biological weapons
World Trade Organization Website with news, data and links re: int'l trade issues
Global Economy Issues Extensive list of links to documents, policy papers and articles
International Development Research Centre Library Worldwide internet sites related to international development
International Relations of the Middle East (INR 3274) website Links to news updates from Israeli, Palestinian and other MidEast sources, govt., academic and NGO sites, other resources, articles.
International Organizations (INR 3502) website Fall 2002 course syllabus and online IO research resources.
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