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This website is a personal web page of Marsha B. Cohen, who teaches for the Florence Melton Adult Mini-School in Miami, Florida. Its purpose is to provide Melton students with access to supplementary and complementary online resource materials for further learning and personal growth. It has no official connection with or endorsement from the Florence Melton Adult Mini-School website or the FMAMS program.

Melton Courses:

Rhythms of Jewish Living

Dramas of Jewish Living (website coming soon!)

Jewish Ethics

Sects and Violence: First Century Judaism and the Origins of Christianity (Graduate)

Move Over, Marco Polo! The Travel Diaries of Wandering Jews (Graduate)

Herstory and Heritage II (Graduate)

Herstory: The Story Continues (Graduate)

Coming soon! Details about graduate courses for 2008-2009

  • The First Thousand Years of Israeli Politics, Part II
  • and
  • and ????

    What topics or types of Melton graduate courses would you like to see offered and want to take? Let me know!

    Marsha B. Cohen
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    Instructor, Florence Melton Adult Mini-School

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