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This website is designed and maintained by Dr. Marsha B. Cohen, who teaches "Rhythms of Jewish Living" for the Florence Melton Adult Mini-School in Miami, Florida . Its purpose is to provide her Melton students with access to supplementary and complementary online resource materials for further reading, learning and personal growth, as well as Roadmaps of upcoming or missed sessions for their personal use. No permission is granted or implied for the reproduction of the Roadmaps on any other site. All linked articles are the intellectual property of their authors. This site claims no official connection with, or endorsement from, the Florence Melton Adult Mini-School program in Jerusalem or the FMAMS program in Miami, FL, which assume no responsibility for its contents.

Updated Sept. 12, 2011

FMAMS 2011-2012 (5772)
"Rhythms" Schedule and Suggested Supplementary Readings and Resources

South Dade - Bet Breira Samu-El Or Olom, Thursdays, 8:15-9:30 pm

Sept. 22 Orientation - "A Time for Every Purpose Under the Heaven":
What is Jewish Time? (Melton Student Curriculum, page 1)

Sept. 29 - No class

Oct. 6 - Rosh HaShanah (p. 19)and Yom Kippur, (p. 29)

  • All About Rosh Hashanah, (Lisa Katz,
  • Rosh HaShanah (OU)
  • Rosh HaShanah (Project Genesis)
  • Weight Loss and Teshuva: Getting in Shape Physically, and Spiritually (
  • All About Yom Kippur (Lisa Katz,
  • Yom Kippur (OU)
  • Yom Kippur (Project Genesis)
  • The Yom Kippur Fast: Making It and Breaking It by Arlene Shargai
  • Marsha's EasyFast Special Stew

  • Oct. 13 - No class

    Oct. 20 - No class

    Oct. 27 - Birth and Berit Milah [Circumcision] (p. 173)

  • Jewish Life Cycle: Birth, Bris, Baby-naming, Simchat Bat [welcoming a daughter]

  • Life Cycle Rituals: Birth. Orthodox Simchat Bat (JOFA)

    Nov. 3 - Jewish Reminders and Symbols (p. 55)
  • Mezuza (Vaad Mishmereth STaM)
  • Women and Tefillin
  • Women, Tallit and Tefillin: A Surprising Voice from Within Sephardic Tradition
  • Sarina Roffe (American Sephardi Federation)
  • Tefillin and Acupuncture Points
  • (Journal of Chinese Medicine, no. 70, Oct. 2002)
  • Tzitzit and Tallit (Ahavat Yisrael)
  • The Tallit (UAHC)

  • Nov. 10 - Bar/Bat Mitzvah (p.183)

  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah Date and Torah Portion Finder

  • Jewish Life Cycle: Bar and Bat Mitzvah
  • Articles on Bar and Bat Mitzvah (JOFA)

  • Toward a Meaningful Bat Mitzvah
  • ed. Nancy Wolfson-Moche (Targum Shlishi)

  • Areyvut's B'nai Mitzvah Resources

  • Nov. 17 - Berakhot [Blessings] (p. 79)

  • Daily Blessings Explained and Transliterated
    Jordan Lee Wagner, Siddur Ba'er Heiteiv
  • Blessings over Foods Explained and Transliterated
    Jordan Lee Wagner (see above)
  • Handwashing, Motzi, Grace After Meals Explained and Transliterated ed. Jordan Wagner (see above)
  • Articles on Women and Zimmun (JOFA)

  • Nov. 24 - No class
    Hodu LaShem ki tov!

    Dec. 1 - Tefillah [Prayer] and Tzedakah (p. 93)

  • Prayers and Blessings (Judaism 101)
  • Siddur Ba'er Heiteiv - Online Transliterated Prayerbook
  • ed. Jordan Lee Wagner)
  • "Are Women Obligated to Pray Daily?"
  • Menachem M. Kasdan (JHCS)
  • Articles on Exclusionary Language in Prayer (JOFA)

  • Dec. 8 - Laws and Customs of Kosher Observance (p. 129)

  • Kosher: An Overview (OK)
  • Glossary of Kosher Terms
  • "And You Shall Schecht...and You Shall Eat"
    by Rabbi Zushe Blech, MK Vaad News & Views
  • Kashrut Symbols
  • Kashrut Articles
    (fish, birds, exotic animals, liquor, vitamins and medications)
  • Classic Jewish Recipes Archive

  • Dec. 15 - Chanukah (p. 147)

  • Chanukah Sites (

  • Jacob Richman's Chanukah Link Collection

  • Dec. 22- No class.

    Dec. 29- No class.

    Jan. 5 - Intro. to the Jewish Calendar (p. 87)
  • Hebrew Calendar Science and Myths
  • Remy Landau
  • Hebrew Calendar Date Converter (English to Hebrew or Hebrew to English)

  • Jan. 12 - Shabbat: its Messages (p. 109)
    and Jan. 19 its Observance(p. 115)

  • Marsha's Easy Challah Recipe
  • U.S. and International Candlelighting Times
  • Shabbat Index (OU)

  • Jan. 26 - Conversion and Adoption (p. 251)
  • Conversion to Judaism (

  • Feb. 2 - Tu b'Shevat (p. 161)

  • Overview of Tu B'Shevat

  • Tu B'Shevat Seder Haggadah
  • compiled by Marsha B. Cohen

    Feb. 9 - Beit HaKnesset [synagogue](p. 65)

  • Reinventing Synagogues
  • Sidney Schwarz, JRF Quarterly)
  • Articles on Mechitza(JOFA)
  • Women and the Minyan
  • David J.Fine, Committee on Jewish Law and Standards of the Rabbinical Assembly
  • Articles on Women's Tefilla Groups (JOFA)
  • Qeri'at ha-Torah by Women (Edah Journal)

    Feb. 16 - No class.

    Feb. 23 - Marriage (p. 197) and Divorce (p. 207)
  • Jewish Life Cycle: Weddings
  • Jewish Divorce Issues
  • Divorce, Remarriage and Mamzerut
  • Agunah Advocacy Project and Reference Material (JOFA)

  • Mar. 1 - Purim (p. 155)
  • So You Think You Know EVERYTHING About Purim?

  • "Esther in Medieval Garb" (Marc Saperstein review of Barry Dov Walfish, Speculum 70:2)
  • "Purim: The Rite to be Reckless" (Eliezer Horowitz, Poetics Today 15:1)
  • "The Religious Policies of Xerxes and the 'Book of Esther'" (Robert Littman, Jewish Quarterly Review 65:3)

  • Mar. 8 - Rituals of Death and Burial (p. 231)
  • Jewish Funerals

  • Mar. 15 - Rituals of Mourning (p. 241)
  • Death and Mourning in Judaism (
  • Women and Kaddish
  • Joel B. Wolowelsky (Judaism, Summer,1995)

  • Articles on Women Reciting Kaddish (JOFA)

  • Yahrtzeit date finder
  • (converts secular date to Hebrew or Hebrew date to secular)

    March 22 and 29 - Pesach [Passover] (p. 265) and the Seder (p. 269)
  • Marsha B. Cohen's "Practical-ly Pesach" Resources

  • Apr. 5 - No class.

    Apr. 12- No class.

    Apr. 8 - Yom ha-Shoa [Holocaust Remembrance Day] and Tisha b'Av (p. 279)

  • A Reconstructionist D'var Torah: Shabbat Nahamu - Parashat Va-ethanan
  • Richard Hirsh (JRF)

    April 26 - Yom HaZikkaron [Israel Memorial Day] and Yom HaAtzmaut [Israel Independence Day] (p. 295)
  • Jacob Richman's Hot Sites: Israel Independence Day
  • Hallel on Yom HaAtzmaut, Howard Jachter

  • May 3 - Mikveh [Ritual Immersion] (p. 221)
    Double Session Field Trip

  • "Discussing Niddah, Mikveh, Family Purity," Joseph Kaplan
  • "Integrating Mikveh and Modernity," Blu Greenberg (CLAL)
  • "A Touching Revolution,"Yair Sheleg

  • May 10 - Purposes Double Session (No Rhythms class)

    May 17 - Shavuot (p. 315)and Shemini Atzeret & Simchat Torah (p. 47)

  • Shavuot (Jewish.Com)
  • All About Shemini Atzeret (Lisa Katz,
  • All About Simchat Torah (Lisa Katz,
  • Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah (OU)

  • May 20 - Melton Celebration of Learning and Graduation

    May 24- Reflecting on the Rhythms of Jewish Life (p. 325) and Sukkot(p. 37)

  • All About Sukkot (Lisa Katz,
  • Building a Sukkah (B'nai Shalom)
  • Sukkot (Project Genesis)

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