Monday, Oct. 16, 2:00 pm


Andrew Parasiliti


MARC Pavilion, UP Campus

(near Graham Center Blue and Gold Garages)


Please note that there has been a slight change in the topic, which is now


“US Foreign Policy and the Future of Iraq”


Dr. Parasiliti is a consultant with Barbour Griffith & Rogers, a public policy firm in D.C.  He is a former congressional foreign policy advisor to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and a former director of the Middle East Initiative at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.  He is considered one of America's top advisors on Iraq, Iran, the Middle East, and South Asia.  Please see his full bio by clicking the link below:





Special invitation

(no extra credit)


Our  “INR of the Middle East” class has also been invited by INR Dept. Chair Dr. John Clark to attend a special event with Dr. Parasiliti earlier in the day:


On Monday, October 16th, @ 10:30 am in GC150, DIRG will be sponsoring a talk by Dr. Andrew Parasiliti on getting jobs in Washington, D.C.  Coffee and Bagels will be served.






Important Reminders re: Extra Credit


  1. A 2-3 page write-up is required within 10 days of the event .



  1. As stated in the Course Syllabus, write ups of events are worth 10 points per event.  A maximum of 30 points of extra credit can be earned during the semester.


3.  CLARIFICATION:  No extra credit can be earned for  events conflicting with INR 3274 class time!  The idea of extra credit is to encourage attending Middle East related events in addition to attending class, not instead of it.