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Marsha B. Cohen's

Who Ya'aseh Shalom?

Israeli, Palestinian, and Middle East News and Research Resources

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This web page (continuously in progress) aims to provide access to news and other research resources useful for the study and understanding of the ongoing Middle East conflict from a variety of perspectives. (The inclusion of a website on this page does not necessarily represent an endorsement of its views.)

Last updated Oct. 1, 2002

Middle East Research Tools

English Language Newspapers, Radio Sites and Journals

  • Ha'Aretz
  • Israel Daily News
  • Jerusalem Post/JP Radio
  • Jerusalem Report
  • Arutz Sheva Print and Radio News
  • Palestine National Authority News
  • MERIA (Middle East Review of Int'l Affairs)
  • MERIP (Middle East Research and Information Project)
  • Palestine-Israel Journal of Politics, Economics and Culture
  • Journal of Palestine Studies
  • Palestine Report Online
  • Jerusalem Quarterly
  • Jerusalem Media & Communication Center
  • AMIN-Arabic Media Internet Network
  • Jordanian Weekly Star
  • Jordan Times
  • Jordan Radio and Television Corp.
  • Middle East News Online
  • Middle East Times (Egypt)
  • Cairo Live
  • Cairo Times
  • Egypt Today
  • Lebanon-Online
  • Lebanon Update
  • Oman Daily Observer
  • Yemen Times
  • NetIran
  • IRNA

    Ongoing News Coverage, Policy Analysis, Polls and other Resources

    Yahoo! Full Coverage Latest updates on ME news from int'l media. Links to documents, maps, govt. and NGO (Non-Governmental Organizations) links.
    Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs Official Government Website Official Israeli gov't website with news updates from the Israeli Ministry of Information
    Official Palestinian National Authority Website PNA news, events, updates on Palestinian state-building
    U.S. Dept. of State, Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, ME Peace Process page Daily State Dept. and NEA briefings, archive of official remarks and press statements 1997-2000. Individual ME country studies.
    U.S. Embassy, Tel Aviv "Quest for Peace" web page with official US views of peace process. Texts, transcripts, documents.
    UNISPAL-UN Information System on the Question of Palestine Current and historical UN documents re: Israeli-Arab conflict, including Security Council resolutions, maps
    Israel Central Bureau of Statistics Statistical abstract of Israel, census and housing data, economic and financial indicators, prices, other selected data.
    Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics Statistics on Palestinian demographics, housing, health, crime, economicsm, employment, water use, etc.
    IMRA-Independent Media Review Analysis

    Digest of current events, polls, interviews.

    MEMRI-Middle East Media & Research Institute
    Translations from Arabic media. Analysis of and research on developments in the ME.
    B'tselem: Israel Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories Monitors and speaks out against human rights violations by both Israeli and PA authorities in the Occupied Territories and Jerusalem. Reports, press release, links to other human rights NGOs.
    LAW: Palestinian Society for the Protection of Human Rights and the Environment Documents, protests and brings legal action against human rights violations and environmental degradation by Israeli and PA authorities in the occupied and autonomous territories, provides legal representation to Palestinians. Latest news, archived reports, links.
    IPCRI-Israel/Palestine Center for Research and Information Joint Israeli-Palestinian think tank devoted to practical solutions to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Policy analysis, proposals, exceptionally balanced and comprehensive list of links.
    Tami Steinmetz Center for Peace Research, Tel Aviv University Peace Index surveys attitudes of Israeli Jews, Arabs and Palestinians toward the peace process, coexistence, monthly and annually.
    Center for Palestine Research and Studies Independent academic and research institute to support, conduct and publish outstanding scholarship on the impact of local and regional developments on Palestinians, and encourage democratic exchange of ideas.
    MIFTA-Palestinian Center for the Promotion of Global Dialogue and Democracy Palestinian NGO promoting development of democracy in Palestinian civil society, free exchange of ideas. Policy statements, Forum, documents, extensive list of links to Palestinian NGOs.
    Gush Shalom archives Israeli grassroots organization advocating peace, pluralism and Palestinian rights. Links include numerous articles in English and in Hebrew by journalist Uri Avnery, Gush Shalom's founder.
    Foundation for Middle East Peace Monthly reports on Israeli settlement activity in the occupied territories, Special Reports on various peace-related issues, including regional implications of peace, nuclear and other weapons proliferation.
    PeaceQuest Diverse Jewish and Arab first-person experiences of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Peace education project for cultural encounter between Jews and Arabs.
    MidEast Website for Peace Education and Dialog Website for the promotion of mutual understanding and cooperation between Jews and Arabs.
    Oz v'Shalom-Netivot Shalom Religious Zionist peace organization advocating tolerance, pluralism and justice. Position papers, policy statements, articles.
    Ariga News updates. Links to Jewish and Arab peace and human rights organizations
    Palestinian Development InfoNet

    Comprehensive collection of links to government, IGO, NGO, academic and research, social movements and advocacy group sites.

    Middle East Sites

    Megalist of links to Israeli and Arab print media and radio sites in Hebrew, English and Arabic, and to Israeli and Palestinian political and NGO sites on the web.

    "Gamla Shall Not Fall Again" News updates, political commentary, opinion polls
    Palestinian Information Center - Hamas Headlines, news clippings, historical and political perspectives, Islamic rulings
    Hizbollah Political statements, issues, archive, links

    What to Expect from Ariel Sharon as Prime Minister-Audio(Tom Segev and Danny Rubinstein, "The Connection" with Christopher Lydon)

    Articles Library

  • Interviews with Suicide Bombers: "A Near Death Experience" by Vered Levy-Barzilai (Haaretz)

  • "No Exit" by Amos Elon (NY Review of Books)

  • "Who's Anti-Semitic?" by Richard Cohen (Washington Post)

  • What Went Wrong?: The Collapse of the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process" by Jerome Slater (Political Science Quarterly)

  • "The Promised Land" by Omer Bartov. Review of Tom Segev's One Palestine, Complete: Jews and Arabs under the British Mandate (NY Times)

  • Challenges to Democracy in Israel: Journalist Aryeh Dayan interviews some experts (NIF)

  • "Message to the Israeli and Jewish Public from Palestinian Intellectuals" (Ariga)

  • Congressional Budget Justification for Foreign Operations, Fiscal Year 2001 by Edward S. Walker(U.S. State Dept.)

  • For the Land and the Lord by Ian S. Lustick (entire book now online)

  • "The Other Israel" by Avishai Margalit (NY Review of Books)

  • "Israel Now" by Robert Kaplan (Atlantic)

  • "Peace of the Rock?" by Marsha B. Cohen. Book Review: City of Stone by Meron Benvenisti. (h-net)

  • Dedicated to Yeshayahu Leibowitz z'l
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