Jewish Personal Training
Marsha B. Cohen's Jewish Personal Training Website

Marsha B. Cohen's Jewish Personal Training Website

Welcome to my website, where I've gathered some useful and interesting links to a variety of my favorite resources for Jewish Personal Training of all sorts: learning Torah, history, ahavat Yisrael, Jewish observance, traditions and customs from around the world, skills such as layning and baking challah, song and celebration.

You'll also find links to some of my other web pages, including the courses I teach for the Florence Melton Adult Mini-School, the Havurah of South Florida Wednesday afternoon study group, and the National Havurah Institute. If you'd like additional information about any of these programs, please let me know.

Kol tuv (all good things),


Marsha B. Cohen

Jewish Personal Training
South Miami
Jewish Places I Teach and Learn
Havurah of South Florida Dynamic egalitarian Jewish community offering member-conducted shabbat morning services and numerous opportunties for Jewish learning all year round.
Florence Melton Adult Mini-School Opportunity for serious adult text study in numerous locations in the U.S., Canada, Australia and the U.K. Certificate awarded by Hebrew University after completion of 2 year program.
National Havurah Committee Summer Institute, taking place in 2001 at Franklyn Pierce College in Rindge, NH.
Jewish Living and Learning Resources
Jewish Holidays 2001-2005 Want to know when any Jewish holiday begins during the next five years? Check here. Info/FAQs on holidays.
Jewish Virtual Library Time Line for the History of Judaism History of Judaism from Ancient Israel to the present, with easily clickable links to periods, people and events.
American Jewish History Time Line Notable events in the history of Judaism in America, 1492-present.
Jewish History Resource Center Hebrew University Dinur Center for Research in Jewish History website.
Navigating the Bible Study Torah, Haftarah, Divrei Torah. Bible text search. Learn to layn. Bar/Bat mitzvah date and parasha finder.
Jewish News Sites: the Forward, JTA and Jewish newspapers from around the U.S. and the world Keep up with Jewish news in the "Forward" and links to online Jewish newspapers and other international, national, and local news resources.
Virtual Jewish Music Listening Station Click on the album covers to hear zmirot, jazz, klezmer, Israeli and other Jewish music. RealPlayer or Windows Media Player required.
Judaism 101 Website Basic, Intermediate and Advanced level descriptions of Jewish concepts and practices.
Orion Center for the Study of the Dead Sea Scrolls History of the Dead Sea Scrolls, scholarly papers. and
Yiddish Expressions Feelings and foibles, concepts and curses...
Maven: Portal to the Jewish World Searchable supersite of Jewish links.
Judaism and Jewish Resources Andrew Tannenbaum's most updated collection of Jewish links.
Jewish Communities of the World From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, they're all here, courtesy of Harry Leichter.
Hebrew Calendar Science and Myths Everything there is to know about the Jewish calendar, explained by Remy Landau, except...
Hebrew Date Converter How to convert any Hebrew date to Gregorian, and vice versa
Candlelighting/Havdalah times Candlelighting and Havdalah times anywhere in the U.S. and around the world
Siddur Ba-eir Hei-teiv Online transliterated siddur (prayerbook)
Kosher Finder Find kosher products, restaurants and hotels worldwide. "Kosher lifestyle" (mikvahs, nursing homes, etc.), recipe database, kashrut alerts.
Kosher Restaurant Database Easy to use U.S. and international kosher restaurant search tool
Torahnet Torah study opportunities in cyberspace.
Project Genesis Torah, Haftarah, Divrei Torah, Jewish law, ethics--beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.
Snunit's Sifrut Kodesh
Welcome to Marsha B. Cohen's Jewish Personal Training Website

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