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Welcome to my website, where I've gathered some useful and interesting links to a variety of my favorite resources for Jewish Personal Training of all sorts: learning Torah, Jewish history, ahavat Yisrael, Jewish observance, traditions and customs from around the world, skills such as layning and baking challah, song and celebration. 

You'll also find links to some of my other web pages, including the courses I teach for the Florence Melton Adult Mini-School. If any links on this page are broken or nonfunctional, please let me know

Kol tuv (all good things), 


Jewish Holidays 2007-2012 (5768-5772) Want to know when any Jewish holiday occurs? Check here. Info/FAQs on holidays.
Judaism 101 Website Basic, Intermediate and Advanced level descriptions of Jewish concepts and practices.
Navigating the Bible Study Torah, Haftarah, Divrei Torah. Bible text search. Learn to layn. Bar/Bat mitzvah date and parasha finder.
Project Genesis Torah, Haftarah, Divrei Torah, Jewish law, ethics--beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.
Gilyonot Nechama Insights on the weekly torah reading by Nechama Leibowitz z'l.
WebShas Find any concept or phrase in the Talmud in English or transliterated.
Louis Ginzberg's Legends of the Jews Full text of the ultimate scholarly compilation of classical midrash (Philologos).
Jewish Online full-text 12 volume Jewish Encyclopedia, 1901-1906. Free access to over 15,000 articles and illustrations now in the public domain (does not include 20th century Jewish history).
Jewish Virtual Library Time Line for the History of Judaism History of Judaism from Ancient Israel to the present, with easily clickable links to periods, people and events.
Jewish History Resource CenterHebrew University Dinur Center for Research in Jewish History website.
The Works of Flavius Josephus Major works of the the first-century Jewish historian, including Antiquities of the Jews, Wars of the Jews, Against Apion and his Autobiography, in full text, translated by William Whiston
Orion Center for the Study of the Dead Sea Scrolls History of the Dead Sea Scrolls, scholarly papers.
American Jewish History Time Line Notable events in the history of Judaism in America, 1492-present.
American Jewish Committee Archives New interactive archival website includes includes: 75,000 pages of material, 40 films and 16 historical radio broadcasts. Full text of all editions of the American Jewish Year Book 1899-present (.pdf).
NPR Yiddish Radio Project Henry Sapoznik's extraordinary collection of rare, almost-forgotten recordings of Yiddish-American radio shows, songs, and commercials, as aired on National Public Radio's "All Things Considered" series
Yiddish Expressions Extensive Yiddish glossary, plus the Gantseh Megillah monthly journal
National Center for the Hebrew Language Articles in and about Hebrew language, literature and letters. Includes news in easy Hebrew, "Daily Dictionary," weekly root, Parsha, Hebrew holiday cards and other Hebrew resources.
Learn Hebrew Online! Free online Hebrew language lessons and tutorial for adults. Also includes Hebrew program for kids.
Jewish Communities of the World From Australia to Zimbabwe, they're all here, courtesy of Harry Leichter.
Jewish News Sites Keep up with Jewish news in the Forward, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA) and other online Jewish, international, national, and local newspapers.
Live Israeli Radio 15 Israeli broadcasting stations online-news, music, and other programming. Windows Media Player or RealPlayer required, downloadable on site. 5 channels of 24-hr. a day Jewish music via streaming audio--Israeli, pop/rock, Chassidic, Klezmer and more! Windows Media Player required.
A-7 Jewish JukeboxShabbat Zemirot, Holiday, Hassidic, Klezmer, Oriental, and Israeli popular and Dance music, wedding songs. RealPlayer or Windows Media Player required.
Hebrew Songs Lyrics, including transliteration and translation, of hundreds of Hebrew songs and psalms.
Zemerl Jewish Song Database Lyrics, including transliteration and translation, of Hebrew, Yiddish and Ladino songs for all occasions.
Hebrew Calendar Science and MythsEverything there is to know about the Jewish calendar, explained by Remy Landau, except...
Hebrew Date Converter How to convert any Hebrew date to Gregorian, and vice versa
Candlelighting times Shabbat candlelighting, Havdalah and daily prayer times in the U.S. and around the world
Zemanim calculator Calculate halachic sunrise and sunset times, any date and year, for major U.S. and Canadian cities or any set of latitude/longitude coordinates (
Kosher Restaurant DatabaseEasy to use U.S. and international kosher restaurant search tool
Classic Jewish Recipe Archive Hundreds of recipes, just like Bubbie used to make, and some she never dreamed of. More than 70 recipes for cholent, including Sephardic (a/k/a hamin and dafina), Vegetarian, Yogurt-curry, and Chocolate!
Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive View 112 Jewish films online (requires Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player 6.5+). Searchable Virtual Cinema Project catalog.
Jewish Film.comArchived list of notable films and videos of Jewish interest indexed alphabetically and by theme. Film festivals.
CLAL Encore ArchiveA treasure-trove of "good reads."
EDAH Website and Journal Modern Orthodox online library, resources, journal and archives.
Website of Dr. Jonathan Sacks, Chief Rabbi of the UKNew and archived divrei torah, articles, speeches, audio and video clips, and rabbinic resources.
JOFA Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance website, a centralized location for resources pertaining to women and halakha (Jewish law)

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